I don’t do videos. I’m camera shy, and it would be difficult to hear me if I wore a mask. And, well, to be completely honest, I’ve never understood the appeal of unboxing videos. I watched a few and was like, “Alright then.” But I took some good pictures while I was unboxing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Special Edition (gotta document such a moment, am I right?). So I thought I’d share them with y’all who read my WordPress. Not to mention I need an excuse to write something on this blog. So without further ado, here we go!IMG_3572

I was legitimately surprised by how big the box was. It was delivered to my house while I was shopping (picking up the Wii U version I pre-ordered for my sister); I saw it parked next to my gate when I drove through. Unable to contain my excitement, I rushed the box inside and grabbed the X-Acto blade. I pulled out the Sheikah Slate Switch case first (Oddly, I had forgotten it came with one; I had my heart set on the soundtrack selection, which was my original reason for buying it). The case was so awesome in person, however, that I was equally as thrilled with getting the case as much as I was with the CD.

(Here’s a picture of the back of the box, filled with lovely screenshots)


And the glorious SHEIKAH SLATE:

Now I just have to get a Nintendo Switch so I can utilize this gorgeous case. LOL. Inside the case are twelve sleeves for Switch cartridge, and a mesh sleeve for accessories (it’s fairly spacious!). It has a nifty handle as well. The only thing that could possibly make this case any cooler would be if it glowed in the dark!

As soon as I could tear my eyes away from the case, I located the soundtrack selection CD. It has a picture of Link on the back, looking gallant as all heck. Zelda is hidden behind the CD. Having listened to the soundtrack multiple times (since I am writing this a week later haha), the music is amazing. There is a wide range of unusual instruments and interesting tones, which I will discuss more in depth when I write an analysis of the CD.

There is a collectable Sheikah coin in there, too. My sister tried to take it out of the plastic seal it came in, but I stopped her. “It’s minted! Leave it alone!” I yelped. I need to find somewhere to display it.

I want to frame the scroll/map, but its unusual size and shape would make that expensive. The scroll feels very durable, perhaps made out of rubberized fabric. On one side of the scroll, there is the image of the ancient hero and the Princess Zelda of that time. Hundreds of Guardians surround them, with the Divine Beasts at the four corners. The borders tell the legacy of Hyrule. Ganon sits front and center in his smoky Beast form. The reverse side has a water damaged map of Hyrule, with the main locations scribbled hastily on each area. It gives the effect of a traveler jotting down the locations as he created the map. I want to frame it, but ah, so expensive to have it done for me.

I admired the game case last. It was actually smaller than I thought. Made me wonder what those Polygon journalists meant by “ocean of wasted space.” I was thinking they were slightly bigger than the PSP cases. Switch cases are actually smaller and thinner. Last week a friend told me to lick the cartridge. I didn’t, but I did know of Nintendo spraying the cartridges with a foul-tasting chemical to deter children from eating them. Ironically, it seems to have resulted in more adults than children trying to eat the cartridges, out of sheer curiosity. I settled on smelling it.


I have been playing the Wii U version I bought for my sister as often as possible, but she gets dibs whenever she wants since it’s hers. I’m not yet ready to write a review, but there are some things I hope to talk about in the future (as long as I don’t get in over my head in homework like I did on launch weekend. Darn you, English Professor!) If you are reading this, and you are expecting a cake, don’t worry, that is coming soon! Even though I had it scheduled a week ago, like this post was! Again: English class was the culprit.